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Our services & support

Leonardo Support

Our Leonardo Helicopter Support is a strong and dynamic activity from Lowland Aerospace, with a vast experience in supporting the aviation industry all over the globe. MRO’s, Operators and Governments rely on our service.

Helicopter Servo Support

If you say servo you say Lowland Aerospace. We aims to have the global most versatile solutions for your helicopter servo need. With the largest product portfolio for an very wide variety of helicopters we can provide solutions for your full fleet.

Beechcraft / Cessna Support

Lowland Aerospace is a authorized re-seller for Beechcraft and Cessna. We can provide you with spare supply, repair, exchange on all aircraft types under this umbrella of the Textron organization. Even a new aircraft we can assist.

Catalogue / products and services

Aero Supply is the online product catalogue of Lowland Aerospace. Here you can search and find a big portion of our products we sell, repairs we can do and ex-changes we can offer. You are also able to request a quote.

Lowland Aerospace

Lowland Aerospace is a dynamic organisation with a vast knowledge of, and experience in the support of MRO’s, Operators and Governments all over the globe. Besides the supply of spareparts, tools, GSE and provide  repair management we can assist you with engineering solutions as well We offer products and services at the highest service level to the aviation industry. Together we “engineer” the best suitable solution for your material demand. All designed to simpli(f)ly processes, reduce down times, guarantee your mission and reduce cost.

What we can offer:

Lowland Aerospace is recognized as a specialist for the following product groups

  1. Leonardo Helicopter Support:

With our team we can support you with your needs for the AW119 / AW109 / AW169 / AW139 / AW189 and AW101 helicopters. Check here for all details and information about our Leonardo Helicopter Support. Read more.

  1. Helicopter Servo Support:

Lowland Aerospace has become a specialist in the supply, repair, exchanges of your rotorcraft main- and tail Rotor Servo’s. From Leonardo to Bell, from Sikorsky to Robinson and from Airbus Helicopters to MD Helicopters, We have what you are looking for. Check out our dedicated Helicoper Servo Support section on our website or contact our sales team direct to learn what we can do for you.

  1. (Hawker) Beechcraft / Cessna Support:

We are an authorized (Hawker) Beechcraft / Cessna reseller. Spare parts, repairs, full aircraft, let us know and we are your partner;

  1. Distribution (

Lowland Aerospace has some dedicated distribution lines such as Safran Helicopter Engine spares and tools, Aeroleds lighting, Bahco tools and Aero Specialties GSE. All NEW and FN parts with full certs and trace, packed and shipped with care to our customers. Find our full overview on or click here.

As an independent organisation, Lowland Aerospace offers products and services, all against competitive prices, the highest quality and service standard. All with one reason to simplif(l)y.


Lowland Aerospace wants to be recognised as a reliable partner for Supply Chain Management Solutions, supply of, exchange and maintenance of components and installations for the aerospace industry and to aerospace related industries all over the world


Lowland Aerospace offers and facilitate Supply Chain Management Solutions, products and services with the right quality, at the right time, at the right place for the right value. 


Lowland Aerospace is an independent, reliable supplier, we are here to simplyf(l)y your supply chain of products and services.


Lowland Aerospace offers a complete range of spare parts to support the aerospace industry. From aircraft parts and components till tooling and ground support equipment. From chemicals till pilot supplies and safety equipment. All for the full aviation industry of heliopters, fixed wing aircrafts, general aviation, military aviation and airports.

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