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Aero-supply is our online cataloque findt here: NE/FN parts we have for sale, Our repair capability, surplus stock & Helicopter and Aircraft availability.

For years the AW109 is one of our key platforms we support. With vast experience in supporting the AW109 from tail to nose all over the globe.

Logo Lowland Aero Repair

Lowland Aero Repair is a specific e-commerce platform for the aviation industry. You can purchase parts easily online.

Lowland Aerospace

Lowland Aerospace is a dynamic organisation with a vast knowledge of, and experience in the support of MRO’s, Operators and Governments all over the globe. Besides the supply of spareparts, tools, GSE and provide  repair management we can assist you with engineering solutions as well We offer products and services at the highest service level to the aviation industry. Together we “engineer” the best suitable solution for your material demand. All designed to simpli(f)ly processes, reduce down times, guarantee your mission and reduce cost.

What we can offer:

  • Distribution of Spare parts and components
  • Component Repair
  • Material Exchange
  • Technical support
  • Stock engineering solutions
  • Rent / lease / PBH (Power By the Hour

As an independent organisation, Lowland Aerospace offers products and services, all against competitive prices, the highest quality and service standard. All with one reason to simplif(l)y.


Lowland Aerospace wants to be recognised as a reliable partner for Supply Chain Management Solutions, supply of, exchange and maintenance of components and installations for the aerospace industry and to aerospace related industries all over the world


Lowland Aerospace offers and facilitate Supply Chain Management Solutions, products and services with the right quality, at the right time, at the right place for the right value. 


Lowland Aerospace is an independent, reliable supplier, we are here to simplyf(l)y your supply chain of products and services.


Lowland Aerospace offers a complete range of spare parts to support the aerospace industry. From aircraft parts and components till tooling and ground support equipment. From chemicals till pilot supplies and safety equipment. All for the full aviation industry of heliopters, fixed wing aircrafts, general aviation, military aviation and airports.

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